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DECART Bathroom Collections

Reimagine your bathroom in a week with our Express Design plan. Enjoy email communication with our designers, mood boards, rendering, and a curated shopping list—plus receive a service credit of up to $299.

DECART Kithcen Collections

Discover the perfect harmony of style and functionality with our meticulously curated kitchen sets. Carefully assembled to enhance the heart of your home, our kitchen sets bring a unified and sophisticated aesthetic to your culinary space. Each set is thoughtfully designed to include essential accessories, ensuring a seamless blend of practicality and elegance.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Decart International is not just a provider of sanitary ware; we are architects of comfort and style. With a commitment to excellence, we bring you a curated selection of fixtures that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or designing a new kitchen, our products are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and design.

About us

Decart International for Sanitary ware is your trusted source for premium bathroom and kitchen fixtures. We are based in the heart of Jordan and specialize in providing top-quality sanitary ware products to enhance your living space.

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